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Organ Donation

odt-2arrowsBedford has an active organ donation policy. We believe that the option of organ donation should be offered to the next of kin or the person closest, to everyone who dies in a situation where organ donation can be considered.

Patients who die in the Critical Care Complex may be able to donate their organs.

Organs that can be donated include:

1. Kidneys
2. Lungs
3. Liver
4. Small bowel
5. Heart
6. Pancreas

In some circumstances patients who die on the Critical Care Complex and the Emergency Department may be able to donate their tissues.
Tissues that can be donated include:
1. Corneas
2. Skin
3. Bones
4. Tendons
5. Heart valves

Three people on the transplant waiting list die every day; by signing the organ donation register, you may be able to help someone after your death. The lives of hundreds of transplant patients are saved or changed for the better each year as a result of these donations. To find out more details visit NHS Blood and Transplant website at www.nhsbt.nhs.uk


To register yourself for organ donation, please telephone
0300 123 23 23 or visit the organ donation website at www.organdonation.nhs.uk

Please ensure that your next of kin is aware of your wishes.

fb-og-logoGive Blood

You can also do something amazing and save life by giving blood. Find out if you are eligible and make an appointment with the National Blood Service by calling
0300 123 23 23.