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Learning Disability Liaison


Supporting patients who have a learning disability

Patients with learning disabilities often need special consideration to ensure that they receive the care and treatment which meets their individual needs and maintains their safety. When attending hospital, preparation is important, particularly if you have specific needs that hospital staff need to be aware of and plan for. See below for some guidance on the sorts of things to consider when coming to hospital.

The Learning Disability Liaison Team at Bedford Hospital help support adults who have learning disabilities, their carers and family. They work with hospital staff to help them to understand how best to support and care for people who have a learning disability.

Help and Guidance

  • Bedford Hospital Read Easy Information – click here
  • Things to remember when you make or go to a health appointment: click here for a list

  • What to bring with you when you come into hospital? Please click here for a “All About Me” form. Please complete this booklet and bring it with you. It will help hospital staff to understand your needs.

  • There are also some easy-to-read and accessible health leaflets available via the Easyhealth website

  • Do you know what questions to ask when you are at your Doctor’s appointment? Click here for advice

  • Please visit this page to find out more information about Going into hospital with a learning disability

  • Help and support for your family or carers: click here

  • If you have any questions concerning your hospital visit, or if you require support in preparation or during your visit please contact us.

You can call us on  07768132244 or  07833294335.


Open Opinions Questionnaire

Please click here to download and complete the Open Opinions Questionnaire.

  1.  Please fill in the  form to give Bedford hospital your open opinion on how they did
  2. Once  filled in go to Save as
  3. Save onto your desk top
  4. Go to last page of the form (page 4)
  5.  Click on the email address (LearningDisabilities@bedfordhospital.nhs.uk.)
  6. Attach the form
  7. Click send





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