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Medical Records

The medical records department at Bedford Hospital provides an essential service to the Trust which involves the distribution, storage, security, maintenance, repair and destruction of medical records in accordance with national guidelines. The library holds approximately 600,000 patient records and is a ‘closed’ library, only accessible to approved staff. On average, we provide approximately 1,200 records a day for patient attendances, including clinics and planned and emergency admissions.

If you would like to request a copy of your medical records, or inform us of a change in your details, you can do so by following the instructions below.

Changing Your Details

If you have changed your name, address, GP or any other relevant information, please write to the Medical Records Department or send an email to

Please include details of the following as appropriate: your old and new name, your old and new address and either your hospital number or your date of birth. If you are also changing your phone number and/or GP, please include the new details.

Requesting a Copy of Your Records

If you would like to access your records at Bedford Hospital, please visit our dedicated page on Accessing your Medical Records.

Advance Decisions, Advance Statements and Living Wills

We are happy to receive a copy of an advance decision, advance statement or living will for filing into your medical records. Guidance on completing these documents can be found in Factsheet 72 on the Age Concern website via the folowing link http://www.ageconcern.org.uk/AgeConcern/fs72-advance-decisions-wills.asp.

If you are sending an advance decision, please ensure that your signature is witnessed in accordance with the guidelines before you send it to us. Letters should be addressed to the health records manager.