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The finance and performance directorate provides financial management, financial accounts and services and performance management.

Financial Management: The financial management team support managers within the hospital, providing reports and analysis on expenditure and income throughout the year, setting budgets and providing financial information and support. Corporately, the team provide hospital wide reports on the financial performance of the hospital to the senior management team and the Trust Board.

Financial Accounts: The financial accounts team manages the hospital’s cash, and deals with the payment of creditors, collection of income, internal controls and production of statutory accounts. The section also manages the hospital’s charitable funds and undertakes the administration relating to the private patient and overseas patients work done in the hospital.

Financial Services: The accounts payable team is responsible for ensuring that the invoices that the Trust receive are entered onto the finance system. Invoice payment is processed within this department, together with any supplier enquiries.

The sales ledger team section ensures that the income due to the Trust is received. The initial stage is the production of an invoice, and then credit control procedures are instigated if the debt is not paid within the agreed timescales.

General Office: The general office is the public face of the finance department. The office itself is the point of contact for patients travel claims and property, as well as providing services to staff.

Performance Management: The performance management team assists in negotiation, pricing and monitoring of the Trust’s contracts. They also produce reference costs for the Trust, which identifies the Trusts costs for all procedures performed in the previous year, by HRG (Healthcare Resource Group) Classification.

Accounts Payable: Payables can be submitted by post, or as an contingency measure, by fax.

Post: Accounts Payable, Finance Department, Bedford Hospital NHS Trust, South Wing, Kempston Road, Bedford, MK42 9DJ

Fax: 01234 792 326

Please can we ask that any invoices quote a full and valid Purchase Order Number. Any orders with a ‘R’ requisition number may be rejected.

Valid Purchase Orders may begin with BH, BM, BL, BE, E, MM, CAP or F.

Purchase orders beginning with D (NHS Bedfordshire PCT) or L (NHS Luton PCT) are no longer valid due to the dissolution of all PCTs, effective April 2013. If you have a D or L purchase order that requires payment, please contact NHS Bedfordshire CCG or NHS Luton CCG, however as the source organisations no longer exist it may no longer be possible to settle these accounts.

If you do not have a purchase order number, please review the Purchase Order you have received, contact your nominated person within the trust, or alternatively contact the Procurement department on 01234 355 122 or by email to Procurement@bedfordhospital.nhs.uk. We greatly appreciate all suppliers who are able to provide properly validated PO numbers on their invoices, as this means we can swiftly validate and settle our accounts.

If you do not usually invoice and we have submitted you a Purchase Order, you may wish to use our Invoice Template to ensure you submit all the required details to our Payables Team.

Any issues can be directed towards the Finance Department via email or fax as above.

Accounts Receivable: For all AR enquiries please call Finance on 01234 355 122 or email AR@bedfordhospital.nhs.uk

Key Staff

Damien Reid: director of finance & performance, CPFA

Helen Mulhern-Wilson: deputy director of finance & performance, CPFA

Mike Outen: chief management accountant, ACMA