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The department of surgery is divided into four firms or subspecialties. The consultants in these firms provide clinical supervision to trainees at all levels.

Colorectal Firm

This comprises of Mr Eldin, Mr Wilde, Miss Bevan and Locum Consultant. They provide emergency and elective general surgical services to the population of Bedfordshire.

Breast, Endocrine and Upper GI Firm

This comprises of Mr Charfare, Mr Muttalib, Miss Brown and Mr Chattopadhyay. They provide breast and benign upper GI surgery services.  Mr Charfare also performs endocrine (thyroid surgery).


The BMK Vascular Unit is a tertiary centre providing complex vascular surgical services to the population of Bedfordshire, Luton and Milton Keynes. There are six vascular consultants, four from Bedford (Mr Tisi, Mr Noor, Mr Chaudhuri and Mr Mehta) and two from Milton Keynes (Miss Phillips and Mr Ray-Chaudhuri). All aspects of vascular and endovascular surgery are performed in a hub and spoke model.


Four consultants provide emergency and elective urology services. They are Mr Chaudry, Mr Chowoo, Mr Khan and Locum Consultant.


The surgery faculty comprises of Mr Philip Edge who is the College Tutor and is an Orthopaedic Surgeon. The educational supervisors in surgery are Mr Noor, Mr Muttalib, Mr Chaudry, Miss Brown, Miss Bevan, Mr Mehta and Mr Charfare.  The faculty is easily approachable and should be able to support you in all your educational and training needs.

Teaching opportunities

The following  are the teaching opportunities in surgery:

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