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Anaesthetists’ professional knowledge, skills and experience enable them to use their expertise in many areas of the hospital. Anaesthetists play a pivotal role in managing multiple injury trauma patients, stabilising them before they go through to the operating theatres.

Consultant Anaesthetists

Dr Botros Fahmy – Chronic pain; Clinical Lead

Dr Jonathan Wilson- Associate Medical Director

Dr Suet Lua – Vascular anaesthetist

Dr David Liu – Obstetric anaesthetist

Dr John McNamara – Critical Care consultant

Dr David Niblett – Director Critical Care

Dr Maciej Ryszka – Critical Care consultant

Dr Ravi Shankar – Vascular anaesthetist

Dr Jeremy Sizer – Critical Care consultant

Dr Sarah Snape – Critical Care consultant

Dr Abhay Vaidya- Critical Care consultant; College Tutor

Dr Y Latoo – Obstetric anaesthetist

Dr Peter Knowlden- Obstetric anaesthetist

Dr Anwar Rashid- Obstetric Lead

Dr Pallab Rudra- Obstetric anaesthetist, Rota maker

Dr Shrinivas Jakkula- Critical Care consultant

Dr Gagan Kohli- Obstetric anaesthetist

Dr Tazeen Fatima- Obstetric anaesthetist

ES and college tutor

Dr Anwar Rashid is a college tutor for anaesthetics. Drs. Rudra, Snape, Gagan Kohli and Maciej Ryszka are educational supervisors for core and specialty trainees.

Sub specialties

Bedford Hospital is a referral centre for major vascular procedures. It gives an excellent opportunity to learn fundamental and advanced skills in vascular anaesthesia. The department also provides service such as CPEX( Cardio pulmonary Exercise Testing).

Critical care

Provides care for acutely ill patients needing organ support. Also runs a consultant lead outreach service for the hospital.

Critical care is a consultant lead closed unit with various facilities such as invasive haemodynamic monitoring, mechanical ventilation and bedside dialysis.

Junior staffing and rota

Currently we have 27 anaesthetists who participate on call rota, of which 12 are deanery approved trainees. We have a three tier system of on call to cover general anaesthetics, obstetrics and critical care.

A rota is published a week in advance. Junior working hours are monitored regularly to make rota EWTD compliant. We encourage trainee doctors to participate in drawing up the rota.

There are regular teaching activities in the department led by a named consultant. Trainees participate in case presentations and journal club presentations.