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Clinical Trials
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Translational Medicine

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Selected Internet Resources – Research


“Research not only provides the evidence to improve healthcare in the future, but participating in research drives improvements in patient care now” –
DOH, best research for best health, 2005

Clinical Trials
Research Ethics Committee (LREC) approval for research that directly or indirectly involves patients and their families, including unborn babies and people who have recently died. Approval is required even if you intend to collect information only from patient records.
Healthy volunteer studies involving health service personnel, premises or facilities also require LREC approval.
You will not normally need to apply for approval If the work you are doing is part of normal clinical practice intended to benefit the participating patient directly; or if you are conducting a local audit of performance against standards.

Local Information
Director of R & D Bedford HospitalDr. Jeremy Sizer
Tel: 01234 355122 ext 2359

The West Anglia Comprehensive Local Research Network (CLRN) – (formerly the Bedfordshire and Cambridgeshire CLRN) is one of 25 CLRNs across England which form part of the NIHR Comprehensive Clinical Research Network (CCRN). Provides support for clinical trials and other well designed studies in all areas of disease and clinical need


Cancer Trials Database (Cancer Research UK)

Clinical Trial Service Unit (Oxford University) – “CTSU’s work chiefly involves studies of the causes and treatment of “chronic” diseases such as cancer, heart attack or stroke (which, collectively, account for most adult deaths worldwide), although it does also involve some studies of other major conditions in developed and developing countries”

bulletClinical Trials Tool Kit
– Developed by the UK Medical Research Council and Department of Health for use in all publicly funded academic trials. Provides practical help when trying to meet the requirements of the UK Medicines for Human Use (Clinical Trials) Regulations 2004

bulletCurrent Controlled Trials – A database of international ongoing randomised controlled trials in all areas of healthcare. Requires free registration

bulletFair Tests for Medical Treatments – Includes explanatory essays and over a hundred records illustrating the evolution of fair tests

International Federation of Pharmaceutical Manufacturers and Associations Clinical Trials Portal

– This service is provided by the IFPMA on behalf of its member companies and associations. The portal has been designed as a single entry allowing you to search for comprehensive information on on-going clinical trials (registry) or results of completed trials (database).

bulletInternational Standard Randomised Controlled Trial Number (ISRCTN) Register – A database of randomised controlled trials with a unique number that allows tracking a trial throughout its progress. All trials in the database are approved by the WHO’s Ethics Review Board

bulletNIH Clinical Alerts and Advisories – “Clinical alerts are provided to expedite the release of findings from the NIH funded clinical trials, where such release could significantly affect morbidity and mortality”

bulletThe MetaRegister of Controlled Trials – “is a major international searchable database of ongoing randomised controlled trials in all areas of healthcare, built by combining registers held by public, charitable and commercial sponsors of trials. The mRCT also contains some completed trials. The mRCT is a free service that allows users to search all participating registers, which are asked to submit trial records including specified essential data items. Where more detailed entries are available in the original register, links are available to the source website”

bulletTrials Central – Independent site that provides free access to listings of clinical trials



Databases/General Information
CIRRIE Database of International Rehabilitation Research
– Contains citations of international rehabilitation research published between 1990 and the present

bulletCRISP (Computer Retrieval of Information on Scientific Projects) – A searchable database of federally funded biomedical research projects conducted at universities, hospitals and other research institutions. U.S site

bulletInternational Cancer Research Portfolio
-The International Cancer Research Portfolio, or ICRP, represents a database of information on cancer research awards of the cancer funding organizations that comprise the Common Scientific Outline (CSO) Partners. Created as a means for CSO Partner organizations to share information about current and ongoing cancer research, the ICRP public web site allows the public at-large to view and browse information about research supported by cancer funding organizations in the United States (US) and the United Kingdom (UK)


bulletRDinfo – Information on research funding and training opportunities in healthcare. DOH site

bulletResearch Resources – A comprehensive listing from the National Cancer Institute


Research Governance Framework for Health and Social Care – ” Sets out a framework for the governance of research in health and social care. The standards in this framework apply to all research which relates to the responsibilities of the Secretary of State for Health – that is research concerned with the protection and promotion of public health, research undertaken in or by the Department of Health, its non-Departmental Public Bodies and the NHS, and research undertaken by or within social care services that might have an impact on the quality of those services. This includes clinical and non-clinical research, research undertaken by NHS staff using NHS resources, and research undertaken by industry, the charities, the research councils and universities within the health and social care systems”

bulletAssociation of International Cancer Research

bulletAssociation of Medical Research Charities

bulletBiotechnology & Biological Sciences Research Council (BBSRC)– A funding agency for academic research and training in the non-medical life sciences

bulletCancer Research UK

bulletCommonwealth Fund – A private foundation that supports independent research on health and social issues. Makes grants to improve healthcare practices

bulletCORDIS – (Community Research & Development Information Service . EU)

bulletDepartment of Health R & D

bulletEconomic and Social Research Council
– U.K.research funding and training agency for economic and social concerns

bulletEuropean Science Foundation

bulletIARC (International Agency for Research on Cancer)

bulletInstitute of Cancer Research

bulletMedical Research Council

bulletNational Cancer Research Institute

bulletNational Centre for Research Resources – National Institutes of Health. U.S. Government

bulletNational Research Ethics Service – “The National Research Ethics Service works with colleagues in the UK to maintain a UK-wide system of ethical review that protects the safety, dignity and well being of research participants, whilst facilitating and promoting ethical research within the NHS”

bulletRowntree Foundation – An Independant charity which supports social care and social policy research

bulletThe Leverhulme Trust – Makes awards to support research and education

bulletWellcome Trust – A large medical research charity. This site has information on funding and grants




bulletPlanning a Research Project – Questions to ask

bulletWriting a Research Protocol – Guidance notes for researchers from the Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust


bulletBioMed Central – Publishes peer reviewed research across all areas of biology and medicine

bullet 2Guide to Biostatistics – ”
a compilation of important epidemiologic concepts and common biostatistical terms to help clinicians translate medical research into everyday practice”

bulletHealth Research Policy and Systems – An online journal published by Biomed Central

– Rapid Research Notes (RRN) provides permanent access to research shared through online forums designed for immediate communication


bulletScienceWatch – Has science publishing current awareness, indicators, interviews and research rankings

bulletTopCited – “Get a quick overview of your subject-specific top 20 cited articles in the past 3, 4 or 5 years of publication”

Translational Medicine

bullet 2Journal of Translational Medicine

bullet 2Re-engineering the Clinical Research Enterprise – NIH roadmap for medical research site that includes an overview of translational research


Modified 25 September 2009
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