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Selected Internet Resources – Medical Images

General Collections

bulletCatlog of Clinical Images – Pictures of common and uncommon physical examination findings. From the University of California, San Diego

Graphics Gallery

“Graphics Gallery is a series of labelled diagrams with explanations representing the important processes of biotechnology. Each diagram is followed by a summary of information, providing a context for the process illustrated”

bulletHealth on the Net Media Gallery – Excellent source, has images of body parts and medical conditions

This resource consists of freely available images contributed by academics, researchers, Learned Societies, industry and individuals with rights cleared for educational purposes”

MedEdPortal a free portal developed by the Association of American Medical Colleges. Requires free registration.

Medical Gallery from Hardin MD – Includes pictures from classic medical books

bulletWorld Health Organisation Media Centre

Images by Topic


bulletDigital Anatomist – From the University of Washington

bulletHistorical Anatomies on the Web – From the history of medicine division of the NLM. Provides high-resolution downloadable scans of selected important images from its collection of anatomical atlases



bulletHistoweb – A collection of anatomical images compiled by two medical students from the University of Kansas

bulletVisible Human Project – This is a charged service and requires registration


bulletCardiothoracic Imaging
– From Yale University department of medicine.

Includes notes and some 3-D images
bulletECG Library



Dental Atlas
– From the University of Iowa

bulletOral Pathology Image Database


Atlas of Dermatology – From Loyola University

Dermis – “is the largest dermatology information service available on the internet”

DermNetNZ – From the New Zealand Dermatological Society. Has a
lphabetical links to pages about skin diseases and their treatment

– Clinical Images. Access restricted to dermatologists and dermatology trainees only. Requires free registration

bulletHebra Atlas

– Dermatology Historical Images

bulletSkin Cancer and Benign Tumor Image Atlas



Embryo Images on-line

bulletThe Multi-Dimensional Human Embryo – 3D image reference of the human embryo based on MRI. Funded by the National Institute of Child Health and Human Development



Atlas of Gastrointestinal Endoscopy

bulletGastrolab Endoscopy Picture Archives

bulletImages of the Liver and Liver Disease
– From the University of Utah


bullet ASH (American Society of Hematology) Image Bank – “is intended to serve as a comprehensive reference and teaching tool that is widely accessible to physicians and hematology students around the world. The images are presented in a digital, case-based format that allows both the images and text to be searched, cross-referenced, and hyper-linked to other cases as well as other educational resources”


bulletAtlas of Genetics and Cytogenetics in Oncology and Hematology – ” is…a cooperative process of reviewing and updating somatic genetics, clinical entities in cancer, and…cancer-prone diseases, with the aim of covering the entire field under study. As the task is huge, the Atlas is…incomplete…. It is for and by: cytogeneticists, molecular biologists, and geneticists in general, clinicians in oncology and in haematology, pathologists and cytologists.”

bulletAtlas of Hematology – “This Atlas is aimed at laboratory technicians, medical school students, hematologists, biologists as well as professionals working in the field of morphology of blood cells. The majority of the smears come from blood and bone marrow samples. However note that also are shown here are cavitary fluid materials, scraped materials, etc. The panchromic stain used is always “Leishman”…”.

bulletBloodline Image Atlas

bulletHaematology Images – University of Utah


bulletJayDoc Histoweb – Designed for University of Kansas medical students



History of Medicine

Images from the History of Medicine – Provides access to over 50,000 images of prints and photographs from the U.S. National Library of Medicine History Collection
bulletThe Wellcome Trust Medical Photographic Library – Has over 160,000 images on the history of medicine, modern biomedical science and clinical medicine. The images can be ordered for a fee

Microbiology/Parisitology/ Virology

Atlas of Medical Parisitology




Whole Brain Atlas



Digital Atlas of Ophthalmology
– Maintained by the department of ophthalmology at the New York Eye and Ear Infirmary

bulletDigital Reference of Ophthalmology
an internet-based clinical atlas of ophthalmology,
from the Edward S Harkness Eye Institute, Columbia University

bulletPhotos, Images and Videos
– From the National Eye Institute





Paediapaedia : an imaging encyclopaedia of pediatric disease – From the Virtual Pediatric Hospital



Oral PathologybulletPathoPic Pathology Image Database

bulletWebPath – Images of gross and microscopic pathologic findings associated with human disease. Maintained by the University of Utah

Public Health


Public Health Image Library – An extensive collection of images related to public health. From the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention


ARRS GoldMiner – Free database from the American Roentgen Ray Society. Provides access to images published in 249 selected peer-reviewed radiology journals

Computed Tomography Library
– From NetMedicine
bulletMyPACS.net – A collection of images for radiologists to share. Requires free registration




bulletTrauma.Org – “The Trauma Image Database is intended as a repository of quality, useful trauma images on the internet. It is appropriately classified and searchable, with images freely available for educational use”

Saving Images from Websites

– Right-click on the image

– From the shortcut menu, choose “Save picture as”

– Choose the drive and directory where you want to save the image

– Choose a filename. You may also wish to set up subject folders for your images

Copyright Notice

The ability to take an image from a Website does not always make it legal to do so. Please read each site’s
Usage Policy before using their images. Some sites provide free use of their images for education, others are more restrictive, and can only be used to view the images on their sites


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