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Critical Appraisal
Current Awareness
Databases / Links

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Selected Internet Resources – Evidence-based Practice
“If physicians would read two articles per dayout of the six million medical articles published annually they would fall 82 centuries behind with their reading” – Miser W F, Critical appraisal of the literature, J Am Board Family Practice, 1999, 12(4):315 – 333


EBM is “the integration of clinical expertise, patient values, and the best evidence into the decision making process for patient care. Clinical expertise refers to the clinician’s cumulated experience, education and clinical skills. The patient brings to the encounter his or her own personal and unique concerns, expectations, and values. The best evidence is usually found in clinically relevant research that has been conducted using sound methodology”. (Sackett D, 2002)

-The evidence is based on systematic research and is current
-The evidence is found as required for patient needs and is integrated with clinical expertise 

bulletWhat is EBM? – Introduction to evidence based medicine from Duke University

bulletBecoming ADEPT : (Applying Diagnosis, Etiology, Prognosis & Therapy methodological filters to retrieving the evidence)

bulletUsers Guides to Evidence Based Practice – This series of users guides was
originally published in the Journal of the American Medical Association


Critical Appraisal

bulletAppraisal Tools – Developed by the Critical Appraisal Skills Programme (CASP) to help with the process of critically appraising articles

bullet 2CATwalk – a step-by-step guide to doing a Critically Appraised Topic

bullet 2How to Critically Appraise an Article

Current Awareness

bulletCochrane Daily – Interesting facts from the Cochrane Library

Databases /Links

bulletAHRQ Morbidity and Mortality Rounds on the Web – A forum for patient safety
and healthcare quality. The site features expert analysis of medical errors reported
by readers, interactive learning modules on patient safety and forums for on-line discussion

Centre for Evidence-Based Medicine

bulletCentre for Health Evidence – Based at the University of Alberta, was established to help patients, practitioners and policy makers ‘know what to do’, ‘do what is known’ , and ‘understand what is done’

bulletCochrane Library– Free to all NHS staff in England.

insertCONSORT (Consolidated Standards of Reporting Trials)

bulletHealth Services Technology Assessment Texts (HSTAT) – Developed by the NLM this database contains a range of information for clinicians and consumers

bulletNew Trip Database – “The trip database searches over 75 sites of high quality
medical information and gives direct hyperlinked access to the largest collection
of ‘evidence-based’ material on the web, as well as articles from premier on-line journals such as BMJ, JAMA, NEJM etc.” Has a subscription based enhanced feature, but the free version can provide useful information.

bulletNHS Centre for Reviews and Dissemination – Provides information on effective treatments and healthcare delivery

bulletPubMed Clinical Queries – A specialized MEDLINE search intended for clinicians,
which has built in search ‘filters’

bulletSumSearch – This is a well developed search engine from the University of Texas.
It searches several key databases for best evidence


bulletAchieving effective practice
: a clinical effectiveness and research information
pack for nurses, midwives and health visitors

bulletBandolier – A monthly journal produced by the Oxford Anglia NHS contains
bullet points of EBM

bulletEffective Health Care Bulletins – Bi-monthly bulletin discussing the effectiveness of
various health care interventions

Evidence Reports

– From the U.S. Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (formerly the Agency for Health Care Policy and Research) these reports provide scientific information on which to base clinical guidelines, performance measures, and other quality improvement tools
Health Evidence Bulletins-Wales -“Act as signposts to the best evidence across a broad range of evidence types and subject areas”

Jama Rational Clinical Examination Series


bulletGlossary of EBM Terms


Modified 8 July 2010

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