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Elderly Care

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Guidelines & Policy Statements

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Selected Internet Resources – Elderly Care

Databases / Links

– Information about old age from the centre for policy on ageing

Guidelines & Policy Statements

Developing Effective Services for Older People
National Audit Office

bullet2Policy for Health Promotion and Preventive Care for Older People
– From the British Geriatrics Society

bullet2Rehabilitation of Older People
From the British Geriatrics Society

bullet2Standards of Medical Care for Older People
From the British Geriatrics Society

bullet2Systematic Reviews & Recommendations for Conditions Affecting Primarily the Elderly – from the Canadian Task Force on Preventive Health Care


bullet2Age Concern

bullet2Alzheimers Society

bullet2American Geriatrics Society

bullet2American Federation for Aging Research
(AFAR) – provides information on current scientific research on aging and age related diseases and conditions

bullet2British Geriatrics Society

bullet2Centre for Policy on Aging

Publications / Educational Materials

bulletGeriatrics at your fingertips – “A pocket guide that provides immediate access to specific information needed to care for older adults in various health care settings”. Requires free registration

bullet2Injury Prevention in Older People – Health Evidence Bulletins of Wales

bullet 2Portal of Geriatric On-line Education – Contains a wealth of educational materials useful to health care professionals. Requires free registration


Last updated 1 August 2010

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