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Guideline Development
Guideline Collections

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Selected Internet Resources – Clinical Guidelines

Guideline Development

Evidence Reports – From the U.S. Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (formerly the Agency for Health Care Policy and Research) these reports provide scientific information on which to base clinical guidelines, performance measures, and other quality improvement tools

bulletGuidelines for Clinical Practice: from development to use

Guideline Collections

American College of Physicians/American College of Internal Medicine

Clinical practice guidelines

bulletBMJ Guidelines

Clinical knowledge Summaries

– “A source of clinical knowledge for the NHS about the common conditions managed in primary and first contact care. Practical and reliable, it helps healthcare professionals confidently make evidence-based decisions about the healthcare of their patients and provides the know-how to safely put these decisions into action”.

bulletCMA Infobase
– Database of clinical practice guidelines that are produced or endorsed in Canada by medical or health organisations, professional societies, government agencies or expert panels

bulletThe National Library of Guidelines
– “is a collection of guidelines for the NHS. It is based on the guidelines produced by NICE and other national agencies. The main focus of the Library is on guidelines produced in the UK, but where no UK guideline is available, guidelines from other countries are included in the collection”

National Guideline Clearing House

– U.S. government database

bulletNational Institute for Clinical Excellence (NICE)

– Provides authoritative guidance on current best practice

bullet National Service Frameworks
Developed by the DOH set national standards and define service models for specific services or care groups

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