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Selected Internet Resources – Anaesthesia

“Oh, what delight for every feeling heart to find the new year ushered in with the announcement of this noble discovery of the power to still the sense of pain, and veil the eye and memory from all the horrors of an operation. … WE HAVE CONQUERED PAIN.” –
The People’s Journal of

London 1847 on the use of anaesthesia during surgery


Databases / Linksbullet
CIRS – (Critical Incidents Reporting System)
– An international forum run by Basle University in Switzerland to collect and discuss critical incidents in anaesthetic practice

Global List of Websites on Anaesthesia

– Provides links to anaesthesia resources

Guidelines / Protocols

bulletGuidelines from the Association of Anaesthetists – “The Association of Anaesthetists produces guidelines on issues affecting anaesthetists or anaesthesia. The guidelines are usually the end product of a working party that is established to discuss a specific subject. The working party, consisting of representatives from the Association together with experts from related agencies, meets regularly and then publishes it’s recommendations/findings in an Association publication”

bulletRoyal College of Anaesthetists Guidelines

bulletStandards, Guidelines and Statements
– From the American Society of Anesthesiologists


bulletHistorical Anaesthetic Equipment
– From a British catalogue of surgical equipment 1930

bullet150 Years of Anesthesia
– From the Massachussetts General Hospital, includes a description of the first operation involving effective anaesthesia


bulletAnaesthesia UK Image Library – Site for registered doctors



bulletBritish Pain Society

bulletChronic Pain
– Overview of chronic pain and its management

– Site sponsored by the Dannemiller Memorial Education Foundation, provides good quality educational material

bulletPain Concern U.K
– Provides information and support for pain sufferers and those who care for them

bulletPain Research Institute
– Part of the University of Liverpool Department of Neurological Science

Publications /Educational Materials
bulletCapnography.com – This site includes “ASA-standards of monitoring,” the reasons why capnography has become a standard of monitoring, and the physical and physiological principles underlying capnography, along with highlights of its clinical applications”
bulletGlobal Textbook of Anesthesiology

bulletHypertextbook of Regional Anesthesia for Obstetrics

bulletRed Book – Residents handbook from the Swiss Anaesthesia server


bulletVirtual Anesthesia Machine
– simulation of an anesthesia machine. and describes common airway devices. Requires free registration. Developed by the Department of Anesthesiology at the University of Florida


Anaesthesia U.K
– Site for Anaesthetists in training. Has revision topics and exam questions


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