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Current Awareness
Databases / Links
Food Allergy


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Selected Internet Resources – Allergy / Immunology

Current Awareness

bullet 2AllergyImmunoLinx

Current Literature

– Selected by the Allergy and Asthma Disease Management Centre

Databases / Links

bullet 2Immune Disease.Com
– Offers in-depth information on immunology, primary immune defiency disease, and treatment with immune globulin G also called immunoglobulin G or IgG

bullet 2Latex Allergy Links
A comprehensive current listing of latex allergy sites

bullet 2Poisonous Plants
– This is a growing reference that includes plant images, pictures of affected animals and presentations concerning the botany, chemistry, toxicology, diagnosis and prevention of poisoning of animals by plants and other natural flora (fungi, etc.).

bulletMedlineplus:food allergy


bullet 2Asthma Guidelines
– From the National Heart Lung and Blood Institute

bullet 2
Asthma Management Guidelines
– From The British Thoracic Society/SIGN


bullet 2Allergy & Asthma Disease Management Centre

bullet 2British Society for Allergy and Clinical Immunology

bullet 2Coeliac Society

bullet 2Edward Jenner Institute for Vaccine Research

bullet 2
National Institute of Allergy & Infectious Diseases

bullet 2National Network for Immunisation Information
– U.S. site . Provides current information for health professionals, policy makers and the public





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