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Orchard (Maternity) Ward

Ward Manager Susan Prince
Matron Amanda Pachulski
Telephone 01234 792070 or Bleep 142

About Orchard Ward

Orchard Ward is Bedford Hospital’s maternity ward and is based in Cygnet Wing, the Trust’s dedicated women’s and children’s unit.

The ward cares for pregnant women with high blood pressure, diabetes and other high risk pregnancy conditions, and for postnatal women and their babies. The ward has 24 beds across five bays and four side rooms, as well as a dining room, shower facilities and a nursery.

When a patient arrives on the ward they will be greeted by a member of staff and shown around. They will then be settled into their bed, and mum and baby will be checked over by a member of staff.

Orchard ward


Partners and parents own children may visit between 8am and 9pm. Other adult relatives and friends may visit between 2pm and 8pm.

Children (other than the parents own children) are not permitted to visit. Anyone with symptoms of flu or sickness and diarrhoea is asked not visit the hospital to avoid the possible spread of infection.

Where to Find Us

The Orchard Maternity Ward can be found on the second floor of the Cygnet Wing Women and Children’s Unit and is served by Reception G.

Private Side Rooms

If you would like the privacy of your own room after your baby’s birth, we have two private side rooms, or sometimes called amenity rooms, on our Orchard Maternity Postnatal ward which are available for an additional charge.

We know how important these first precious hours are and these rooms offer you an individual space to rest after the birth where you and your partner can spend time bonding with your baby.

Room Rate

As the exact time of arrival of a baby cannot be guaranteed and demand for rooms can fluctuate, we simply cannot book a room in advance.

But, we can make known to the midwifery team that this is your preferred option and, if available, you can go immediately to one of the two private side rooms following the birth.

Please tell us as soon as you decide you would prefer a private side room and we can make a note of this on your records.

We will offer you a private side room, if clinically appropriate, after the birth of your baby and if a room is available.  You will always receive the same high standards of NHS Care.

Private Side Room – £139 per night

We require payment for rooms at the time of check-in and accept most credit / debit cards.

For more information please click here or Tel: Orchard Maternity Ward 01234 792070 between 8am– 2pm.

 You can find out more about Orchard ward and see pictures by taking our online tour.

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Orchard (Maternity) Ward

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