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Bedford Hospital Staff setting the trend by getting their flu vaccination

October 5, 2018

As we begin to head into the flu season, Bedford Hospital’s frontline staff are preparing for winter by getting their flu vaccinations.

Members of Hospital’s Trust Board also received their flu vaccinations today as they urge all their colleagues to do the same by leading by example.

Bedford Hospital is determined to make sure that they protect their staff and their patients by achieving high uptake rates of staff receiving the flu vaccination.

All front line staff will be encouraged to be vaccinated to not only protect themselves from this year’s strain of the flu virus, but also their patients, families and colleagues.

Liz Lees, Director of Nursing and Patient Services at Bedford Hospital said, “Our annual Staff Flu Vaccination campaign is an incredibly important part of our winter planning. We encourage all of our frontline staff to have their ‘flu jab’. Not only is this a quick and simple procedure, but it can also save lives. The vaccination will protect our employees this winter, and also their families, colleagues and patients.”

As we approach the colder months, the Trust fully supports the national ‘Stay Well This Winter’ campaign and encourages people to check with their GP or Pharmacist to see whether they’re eligible for a free flu jab. In addition, Bedford Hospital, for the first time this year, will also be offering the flu vaccine to patients aged 6months to 65yrs and attending certain hospital services such as Outpatients and Antenatal. If you’re within this age group and attending one of these services then please do ask a member of staff about getting your free flu vaccination at the hospital.

  • Our local flu vaccination campaigns are supported with advice and resources from the national flu fighter campaign, which is run by the NHS Employers organisation and supported by Public Health England
  • You can pledge to join the fight against flu and join in the conversation on Twitter @BedfordHospital or @NHSFlufighter. You can also search for #flufighter on our Facebook page.
  • Why not share your story with us once you’ve received you’ve vaccination? Tweet us at @BedfordHospital using #flufighter with a photo of yourself and encouraging words for others to get the vaccine.